Judifax Vanishing Rose

* 12-07-2007 – † 12-07-2007

Poem for a dead puppy.
I have a lot of pets. I have a lot of poems about my pets. I have a lot of poems about death. I have a lot of poems about the death of my pets. I have a lot of dead pets, but never a dead puppy that died due the stupidity of a vet.

That day, if you had looked
beneath the tree I’ve planted
behind the red brick wall
below our bedroom window,
you would have found her,
a resting little puppy, just a few hours old,curled in a little burrow we dugged .

And in the way her beautifull little head
was resting against her paws
you might have sensed a sigh,
and seen in her half-closed eyes
You might have known the generosity
of her body curled in a perfect circle
like a prayer, and recognized
a gesture in the half-wake
of her eyes, a willingness to die
honestly, out in our garden’s summer,
open to an unknown she could never fear
and you could never understand.

This live was never ment for one as beautifull as you.